Ardour 3.5 midi controller

Hello everybody! i’m new to this business. i have Ardour 3.5.403~dfsg-3~ubuntu14
I have a midi controllers: evolution MK249 & Edirol PCR300 with faders and knobs.
I can play the keyboard and write notes on a MIDI tracks
But how can I manage to ardour controllers synthesizers faders from my MIDI keyboards mk249 & pcr300?

Please, help me!!!

Read the sections on MIDI Learn and MIDI Binding Maps.

my problem was sorted out with a friend. everything works, I can assign and manage all the options that interest me.
Thank You !!!

Hello! I was able to control from edirol PCR-300 the Fader and sliders.
I do so, as it is written in BASIC in
but I can not manage from edirol PCR-300 start, stop, record session.
how can i do this?

Thanks for answer!