Ardour 3.5.74 released

Ardour 3.5.74 is released to make sure that a variety of very useful fixes plus a couple of functional improvements are available to as many users as possible. If you use Ardour with one of our translations, you should almost certainly update, because there we have fixed lot of subtle breakage caused by the translation process. For others, read over the changes and you can decide for yourself if you would benefit from an update.

Fetch it from the usual place. The OS X demo version has been updated too.

Read on below for more information on what was in 3.5.74 ...

Functional Changes

  • Unify editor + mixer ordering. After more than a decade of complexity, Ardour now has only a single ordering of tracks & busses. Modifying it in the editor window or the mixer window will also modify it in the other window. This reduces some tricky programming, and removes another choice offered to users that really just made their lives more complex, with no great benefit.
  • Double-clicking now allows editing/renaming an expanded set of things, including regions and markers of various kinds.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix handling of the check button in the memory lock warning dialog
  • partially fix Non Session Manager (NSM) support so that random use of NSM_URL doesn't cause crashes
  • fix MIDI quantization where a region was trimmed at the start or had an non-integer position
  • fix MIDI note lengths after quantization when using swing
  • place new routes after highest-numbered selected route, if any
  • make fixed IO port names untranslatable (e.g. "MTC in")
  • fix playback & capture channel counts when using the JACK dummy backend
  • fix MIDI Machine Control (MMC) after changes included in 3.5 release
  • allow the use of the environment variable ARDOUR_LOVES_STUPID_TINY_SCREENS to override Ardour's refusal to show certain things on netbook/tablet-sized screens
  • Fix invalid silence trimmer end-of-input behavior during export. This caused corruption in the audio file when: normalizing AND adding silence to end AND having more than one channel.
  • make translations just work on OS X if system preferences has been used to select a supported language preference.
  • minor fixes based on various compiler optimization messages
  • keep processing LV2 Ringbuffer once it is allocated, but discard messages in LV2PluginUI::write_to_ui() if the ringbuffer exists but the plugin GUI is not active. This fixes "[ERROR]: Error writing from plugin to UI" messages if the plugin GUI was once active but has been closed since.

Build Related Fixes

  • remove all "fuzzy translations", thus fixing several problems experienced by users working in non-English locales
  • allow linking against unbundled versions of libltc, rubberband, taglib and vamp-sdk)
  • allow complete overriding of all optimization flags (if -O<something> is preset in the arguments given to --arch, we no longer prepend the default optimization flags)
  • fix test builds (./waf configure --test)


Nick Mainsbridge, Robin Gareus, Colin Fletcher, Tim Mayberry, Sakari Bergen, Nils Philippsen, Julien de Kozak, Paul Davis

@ Paul Great job with periodic updates, Thanks you… BTW, how about the OSx support?

The situation with OS X is unchanged - I built a new demo package, but I have no time to focus on OS X (still).

Thanks to all the developers. Ardour is such a fantastic program

Great job, thanks
there’s only one thing, I cannot understand: Ardour behaves differently when I start it from cairo dock or with the desktop launcher even if the command line is the same (/opt/Ardour-3.5.74-dbg/bin/ardour3). From the launcher ist shows a new projekt-dialogue from cairo-dock it launches as usual, funny, that.

excelent work, 2 updates in such short time. I see there are some midi fixes aswell really didnt expect any midi fixed until the next release. really are working hard.

Ill need to get my project that uses alot of midi open again and see how it behaves

I’m really impressed. Great work!
Thanks to all developers.

@paul: what type of beta testing has to be done on OSX version? i use an old imac with snow leopard at work, may be could help a bit?

fernesto: anything and everything. try it out, find bugs, report them. when it crashes, file a bug IF you have a crash log, which you should attach to the bug report.

I’m running Ardour-3.5.357
Where can I find information on how to work the GUI routings?
I’m still very confused, in general, how exactly to route signals.