Ardour 3.5-4392 does not see existing JACK instance

Apologies if this has been asked before. I have a vague memory that it has, actually, but Google isn’t helping me find it right now.

I thought I would see if a problem I reported recently is present in a nightly build, with all the changes that have been integrated there. So I downloaded and installed version 3.5-4392-gde85bfd (freebie), and when I started it, it did not see that JACK was already running (via qjackctl), and presented the screen to start it. I tried restarting Ardour three or four times to make sure it wasn’t a transient problem, then ran 3.5.403 again and verified that it still worked fine there. Not surprisingly, clicking OK to start a new instance fails, because indeed an instance of JACK really is running. The only way I could test was to shut down the JACK instance I had started and let Ardour start it.

Is this a known issue, or intended new behavior?