Ardour 3.5.403 released

    Ardour 3.5.403 is (yet another) <strong>CRITICAL</strong> bug fix
    release. <strong>ALL USERS ARE RECOMMENDED TO
    UPGRADE</strong>. Additionally, <strong>ALL LINUX
    RELEASE</strong>. Distributing earlier versions of 3.5 at this
    point is irresponsible and risks our users' data.
    As with 3.5.380, this release includes several more absolutely
    vital fixes for bugs could lead to audio and MIDI files being
    irreversibly deleted from disk.
    We still do not know precisely how
    these losses happened - no user ever found a reliable recipe
    to recreate all of them - but reports from several different
    users did lead to a careful code review which uncovered some
    potential for file loss. 
    There are a few other minor fixes and improvements described
    As usual you can download it from <a href="/download">the usual
      place</a>, and as usual subscribers get this update without
    cost. Thanks to everyone for their support (and encouragement).
    Once again, the OS X release situation has still not improved, though
    a demo 64 bit copy of this version is available (fully featured except that is has
    does no saving or restoring of plugin settings, and no plugin presets).

  <h2>Additions &amp; Changes</h2>
      <li>New MIDNAM file for the Korg Volca series</li>
      <li>Use 1-based numbering for MIDI controllers, rather than 0-based</li>
      <li>"Show All Automation" for MIDI tracks shows all named controllers</li>
      <li>Support channel NoteNameLists in MIDNAM files</li>
      <li>amend the list of known video file extensions</li>
      <li>New versions of jadeo and harvid for video work, providing better
        compatibility with video drivers on various Linux systems.</li>
      <li>Fix rounding error on rulers and BBT grid</li>

    Robin Gareus, Paul Davis, David Robillard, Devin Pohly

Thanks everybody, great to see another release thanks for all the hard work

great! very happy about the jadeo update :slight_smile:

*** Error in `/opt/Ardour-3.5.403-dbg/bin/ardour-3.5.403’: double free or corruption (fasttop): 0x00007f2684011cf0 ***

It says all over our forums that reporting bugs here is useless and discouraged. Bugs go into but please also see and

Thanks a lot for this new release. It’s again a pleasure to have set it up and see how smoothly it works on my machines :-).


Thanks a bunch Paul.

Dear Paul and other developers of Ardour,
I want to say my compliments to you for making such a strong DAW. I understand you still need more subscribers, paying users. Could it be possible to form bundles with other relevant software packages and / or high quality music lessons websites? And promotion through musicteachers? Another idea is to involve professional soundengineers as evaluators of ardour. You get their useful technical input plus those guys could become ambassadors for ardour.
Please keep de developement of this wonderful Ardour going.
Kind regards,
William Visser

Another idea is to involve professional soundengineers as evaluators of ardour. You get their useful technical input plus those guys could become ambassadors for ardour.

Hang around IRC a bit, you will see this happens:)


I noticed this issue quite a while ago and implented a manual work-around. It’s good to see it addressed, though!

There’s a new problem in the latest version, however. Ardour 3.5.403 crashes frequently during export. Since I have a way to avoid potential file loss, I would rather not have Ardour crash frequently during export, so I’ve downgraded to 3.5.380 until the next fix release.

The enormous launch time should go away on subsequent use - it was scanning all your AU plugins. This is a stupid design on our part.

@audiodef: there are NO changes that would impact behaviour during export. There will be no more hotfix releases in the 3.5 series. My guess is that you are using an old version of Jack2. Get on IRC and discuss it with us.

Let me say what I’d really like to say: great work! This is wonderful software and I love it to death!

Thanks for the new release. I had great fun with the previous release. So as a new-comer thanks again !