Ardour 3.5.14 released

    In order to fix a few notable issues with 3.5, we are
    releasing <a href="/download">Ardour 3.5.14</a> today.
      <li>Click/Metronome not connected in new sessions</li>
      <li>Impossible to record when using JACK Transport synchronization</li>
      <li>MIDI output errors</li>
      <li>the environment variable SUIL_MODULE_DIR is now
      overridden rather than appended to (it is not a search
      path). This fixes issues using the bundles on
      Linux distributions like KXStudio which set SUIL_MODULE_DIR
      by default.</li>
      <li>The OS X beta/demo is now enabled for translation if
      desired. This feature has not been present in earlier 3.x
      builds for OS X.
    There are no other functional changes. The OS X 64 bit 10.7 or
    later beta/demo has <a href="/files/Ardour-3.5.14-64bit.dmg">been updated</a>.

great work and thanks for getting a fix out so quickly.

thanks paul

Paul, i have not been able to load a single A3 session on 3.5.14, both on my desktop and laptop A3 starts loading a session and then closes and send an xrun to jack, aren’t the sessions compatible?

The sessions are compatible. You have some other issue. Do you use Ardour to start JACK or qjackctl ?

No, i use qjackctl, i worked around that issue by installing the 3.5.14 version found in Ubuntu repository, so now i’ve been able to work and it does feel quite slow compared to previous versions, but what really bugs me is that while precision editing, A3 seems to take 100% of one of 4 processors, becomes really slow and hangs, every time i zoom in a lot i get that behavior, is that related to the GPU? (it didn’t happen before, and i understand a lot has been changed)

fernesto: there are no substantive changes in general although we know that the metering “LED style” does hit some systems rather badly. There is an option to disable it in Preferences.