Ardour 3.1 released

As previously announced, we plan to make regular, frequent releases of Ardour now that the 3.x series has finally been released. About month after 3.0, 3.1 is ready with the usual cocktail of new features, workflow improvements and bug fixes. The full set of changes can be seen here.

As usual, you can fetch the update from the download page at Please remember that you can install multiple versions of Ardour from, so you can keep any existing versions around if you wish to (you are asked about this during the installation process).

Awesome. Thanks for all the hard work.


Thank you for this. How to get a french version?

Thanks, best of luck for the next…

I see some improvements in the version but to be perfectly honest: there is regression too. The App does not switch to German. Is there anything I can do to fix that?

Thanks very much!
Good timing too - my $4 “low cost” subscription expired today, so I just started a new one at “standard” $10 rate. Ardour has already earned me over twice as much as a years worth of subscription will cost, and there’s more studio time booked…
I trust 3.1 is fully compatible with projects recorded on 3.0…

@zettberlin, @dusty: i will check into the translation into once I get into work today. Thanks for reporting.

@anahata: 3.x will always open and handle any 3.n (where n is < x) projects.

Thanks a lot – that is good news!
After working in in for about 2h I see many nice new details. I am especially fond of the new channel-config in the MIDI-Tracks, much more intuitive than the matrix…

@zettberlin, @dusty: a translation-enabled update, Ardour 3.1.10 has now been released. Apologies for the incovenience.

Thank you!

thanks very much…

I paid for a download but didn’t realize that it was for linux and not mac. Will I be able to download the mac version when it’s ready or will I have to buy it again?

gwegory: or