Ardour-3.0beta - - - Bouncing region w/ processing crashes program...

OS - Ubuntu Studio 12.04 [vmlinuz-3.2.0-25-generic]

6 tracks in the main window.
Objective is to add compression and EQ to a track:

  • Normalized track for best S/N
  • Added Calf Compressor to track.
  • Made audible pleasing adjustments to compressor
  • “Bounce with processing”
    Ardour crashes.

Tried it again… same thing.
Tried it with a different compressor (SC1) … same thing.
Screw the compressor… let’s try EQ (DJ EQ)… down she goes…
Hmmm… Let’s try a different approach…
“Bounce Range to Region List with Processing”… bye-bye Ardour
(Well… at least it seems to be consistent!)
Hey… I got an idea…(!!)
“Bounce without processing”… Hmmmm… that worked!
“Bounce Range to Region List without processing”… that works too.
“Bounce with processing”… down again.

So… it appears as if bouncing with plugin processing is NFG here.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

As a workaround, you can export with that track solo’d and then reimport that to a new track, then disable the original track. Should work fine.


Please report this on Mantis, all that will happen on the forums most likely is that the issue gets lost. See the issue tracker link at the top of every page.


Seablade -

I’ve reported the above over on Mantis. I see a couple other similar crashes having to do with bouncing and freezing tracks over there
but nothing related to the 3_beta5 release. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime my project is at a stand-still 'coz I can’t do much more
until I compress and EQ my tracks. Fortunately I’m not locked in to Ardour; I can export the tracks as 24-bit WAVs back to my HD24 and
mix on the ole Console.


Agreed, don’t get me wrong. As long as it is reported in Mantis so as not to get lost it is a good thing. Also I should note the beta is pretty out of date right now, there are RCs floating around but that is a more closed testing period, so it is possible that it has already been fixed, but honestly I am not sure one way or the other.


Hello, SeaBlade -
Sorry for the delay… Haven’t had a lot of time to make the rounds in the forums this past week.
So… ok… yeah… I’ve been doing just that - as it seems to be the only way to conserve on processing overhead.
I’ll tell you, though… It’s a royal pain when you’re trying to add just a tweak of EQ or spacial processing.
1-2 db changes are so much easier within the realtime context of the mix. This is borderline anti-productive.

Best Regards,