ardour 3.0 works :) - linux & some observations..

hi everyone,

i just wanted to show a little appreciation for this wonderful project!

i first started using ardour about 10 month’s ago on a PPC, running OSX.
back in the x11 sluggish days of ardour on a mac. but i still enjoyed using it, although it was stil very limited(no midi, no AU, etc). i saw(n still see) great potential.
recently i got my hands on a dell laptop and am running both fedora and ubuntu(my own distro - rt-kernel, costomized for audio/video). and although somewhat new to linux, am picking it up quickly.

I hope everyone tries to contribute in some way, i recently got a freind to shoot you guys some cash(i have no credit card!) and now i want to start helping in reporting bugs and such.

i was able to compile 3.0 and am happy to finally see a piano roll. one of the biggest problems with linux is the lack of a good sequencer, seq24 is buggy, rosegarden isn’t my cup of tea(although it is decent). and although hydrogen is great. i would much rather sequence my drums inside my multitrack. same goes with synths. now hopefully people will start focusing on LV2 and make some good plugins! something i am interested in doing myself.

lastly, for anyone who uses ubuntu, check out ematech’s bleeding edge apps, utilities for ubuntu studio. some really useful greatstuff!!

also, for anyone using linux in general - DROBILLA! check it out. best version of patchage, ingen is fantastic. as well as jost - although i could only get it to work in Fedora and no luck with ubuntu.

support opensource in anyway you can, thru $$$, or thru testing software and making reports and encourage others…

thanx again, paul and the team here at ardour~