Ardour 3.0 running

great stuff…

i had problems with ardour 2.8.4 with source and svn
now i installed ardour 2.8 with the pacman rpm
added couple libs and tryed to build 3.0

it is all working

i have not testet it properly, but it seems to run
with jack and i also can create MIDI tracks…

thanks for this application, i actually use hardware synthesizer
and the ucapps Midibox Sequencer… but still… to implement
MIDI into ardour was absolute important…

so now from what i can say ardour 3.0 might be the best DAW solution for linux

i would like to donate via credit card? is this also possible?

daarm i cant believe i complete switched to linux after over 15 years of Microsoft

There are still a lot of bugs left to work out in ardour3, like I found one which caused ardour to crash if you try to change the default theme, but for the first time in a while, I wasn’t bothered by compilation errors to work through. Compiled and installed just fine, and the midi roll never looked better!

as far as i know, you can donate with paypal via creditcard…

@flying_sorcerer: you do NOT need a paypal account to pay via a credit card at paypal. In that case, it functions just like any other credit card payment system.

Also, I would suggest more hesitation about ardour 3.0. It is certainly not ready for serious work - there is a bug that will delete your audio files for example, and lots more fixes and improvements and crashing bugs to fix. Its coming together nicely though.


well i dont have paypal

maybe i tell someone else to donate for me…
i like to donate for something like this, rather then paying 550 euro for cubase SX

how ever…

i think i stay with ardour, because everything i need does work…
as i sayed i only use analog equipment such as modular synthesizer and so on, i even still do the
mixing on an old mitec analog console… but ardour was the key to say… ok i switch to linux… even
my interface (focusrite saffire pro 26) works much better with ffado… in windows… i always lost
firewire connection and had many clicks and pops…

cheers… today i drink for the sucess of ardour and linux… and use the inspiartion that makes me
think about anything ealse beiing so simple… rofl thanks to the guys again who can program such
stuff… much much brain

ok cu guys, take care

trust a noob: ardour 3 is the shit

check this out :