ardour-3.0 not found after building from source

I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04, checked out and built Ardour 3 from source (rev 13232). After an endless pain of installing or building deps I finally made it to a “waf configure --windows-vst” without errors. After that Ardour compiled fine so far.

But when I change into the gtk2_ardour directory and type “./ardev” I get this error:

./ardev: 4: exec: ./…/build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-3.0: not found

I tried to create a symlink from build/gtk2_ardour/ardour-3.0 to build/gtk2_ardour/ (didn’t even know if that makes sense) but it throws a “Speicherzugriffsfehler” which should mean a segmentation fault.

Any Ideas?

Thank you for the clarification. I wonder why ArdourVST crashes without suil installed if that is just an option.

@Mario: the VST-enabled executable is not called “ardour-3.0”, nor is it run from the gtk2_ardour directory. You need to cd into the vst directory, and run a script there. i believe its name is ardevst but it could be something else. VST enabled builds are actually windows programs, not Unix programs.

Oh my goodness, I’m an idiot. Did that a million times before but couldn’t remember. Paul, please be so kind to update this site with the information you just posted:

Another problem occured though. After cd’ing in vst I typed ./ardevst and that works… partly. Unfortunately I throws an error: wine: Fehlerhaftes EXE-Format für Z:\home\mario\ardoursrc\3.0\build\gtk2_ardour\

“Fehlerhaftes” means incorrect/faulty/defective/bad.

I just did a “waf clean” and a “waf configure --windows-vst”. This is very irritating: Ardour ran through configure and compiled fine but when I took a closer look at the output of the configure process I saw this line:

Checking for ‘suil-0’ >= 0.6.0 : not found

How can that be? Shouldn’t configure stop immediately after missing a dependency? So, I compiled and installed suil (thought I did that before but it might have been too late in the evening yesterday) and built Ardour again… and it works!

@Mario: suil is not a mandatory component, it just improves the GUIs displayed for LV2 plugins

suil allows LV2 plugins to launch their own graphical interfaces / editors - otherwise you just get a bunch of arbitary / default generic sliders provided by ardour