Ardour 3.0 new tab on start

Hi all,

Just build 3.0 and launch it. There’s a third tab on the right where you can set audio driver, size of buffer, etc…

Did I have to fix everything to same values than in Jack ?

That tab only appears if you haven’t already started jackd. If you have started jackd already it should not appear.

Its purpose is to allow you to start jack directly from Ardour if you don’t want to use a separate app or the command line.

Thanks for reply Chrisg,

this confirms there is a problem with Jack on this pc !!

It doesn’t necessarily confirm that there is a problem with jack on that PC, it just means you haven’t started it before starting Ardour.

How do you think you might be starting Jack before Ardour ?

Or jackd is being started as a different user to Ardour… in which case ardour will not see it.

Well, I made both tests : launch Ardour3 with or without Jack.

Have to explain :
In the Ardour 3.0 build process, I have build Jack 0.116-2.
I think I forget an option, or a step in the process ?

When I start Qjackctrl, the Jack engine can’t start. So Ardour can’t see any Jack…

A googling about says Jack can’t start if 2 versions are on the same pc.
So I have to delete 0.109.
If I do it with Synaptic, so many dependencies will be delete, so I don’t !

Try to find an howto, but can’t…

Maybe you have an Idea ?