Ardour 3.0 : Congratulations

Dear Paul and the Ardour Team

Firstly, Congratulations on the much-awaited release of Ardour-3.0 !

Will the OS X version also support VST effects and VSTi instruments ?

How difficult would it be to do a port for the iPad ? (I would imagine that the CoreAudio and CoreMIDI APIs for both OS X and iOS would be similar)

Best wishes for the future,

P.S. Love the new webpage as well. Ardour has moved to a “whole new level”

avoiding the mobile market is probably a good idea right now. Ardour is good at what it does already, so i don’t think thinning out development to another platform would be smart.

@zettberlin: sure, but nobody is going to go to the work of such a massive porting effort for a platform so clearly inimical to many of the uses of the software.

Having tried a few DAW / music creation Apps recently on (dare I mention it) an iPad, I think there are still serious limitations for some music / content creation on ‘mobile’ devices. I prefer to think of it in the same way as the old four-track cassette, good for sketching ideas, or over-dubbing some basic things, but you still need a proper studio for the finished product / mix (and that in this case means a PC / Mac with big monitors (screens), in a proper listening / recording environment). There are also things about the ‘sandboxing’ of Apps on these devices which make things such as (third party) plugins almost impossible (though I have experimented with ‘audiobus’ which (finally) allows iPad Apps to be ‘wired’ together - a bit like JACK does).

Anyway, it’s great to see A3.0 finally released, and a huge debt is owed to Paul and the other ardour devs for creating such a fine DAW.

As we speak about Tablets: what about Android? Anybody on that?

@zettberlin: android audio performance currently cannot justify porting any music production software. if/when google get their priorities straight there and fix it, then it might be worth talking about.

@paul my experience with audio on Android is, that latency is indeed beyond any serious usability. So any user, who would be eager to use a tablet like the Nexus 7 to record his band with Ardour, would face a bad awakening.

On the other hand: doing things that dont need realtime like just cutting samples and arrange them and/or writing MIDI-notes would be affected the same as bad?

@ebs88keys: there are no keys to ever support VST on OS X. All serious plugins on OS X are available in AudioUnit format. Porting to the iPad is theoretically possible since JACK runs there, but practically speaking it would be a huge effort to make it actually useful as a port.

Congrats on the release! I’m looking forward to exploring the software. Any timeline with the mac binary? Thanks!!