Ardour 3.0 alpha 9 released

Ardour 3.0 alpha9 is now out. There's a nice new feature for people using 1 MIDI device to record multiple tracks, and some very necessary fixes for track visibility, height control and general layout in the editor window, plus the usual selection of crashing and missing functionality bug fixes. I expect a few glitches with the new stuff, so please do leave feedback via the bug tracker or the ardour-users email list (not the forums) .

Ready-to-run binary packages can be found here:

New Stuff

  • It is now possible to enable/disable input on MIDI tracks. This makes it possible to connect several different tracks to the same MIDI device/source, and then choose which one(s) will actually get the incoming MIDI data at any point in time. You can turn this on and off with a button next to the input button in the mixer strip, or in the editor window's Track/Bus list. There's still a little bit of tweaking to provide some "turn others off and this one on" capabilities.
  • The icons in the editor window's track/bus list have been redesigned by Thorsten Wilms.
  • Track resize "handles" have been removed - you can now resize a track in the editor with the mouse by press-drag-release in the lower 25% of the track controls box. The mouse cursor will change to indicate when the mouse is in the "resize" area.


  • New system for managing the properties of on-screen GUI "objects". This was introduced primarily to allow us to manage the visibility and height of all tracks. Side Effect: existing track visibility and height information in existing Ardour3 sessions will be ignored. You won't lose any data, but if you had hidden tracks or they were non-default heights, you'll find that all tracks and busses are now visible and the default height. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this new system gives us much more flexibility to manage this stuff as we move forward. It will also fix a number of crashes and incorrect behaviour with automation tracks in alpha8 (and earlier).
  • Fix erroneous note resizing in regions with non-zero start (#4143).
  • don't try to add Amp processor automation curves using the generic mechanism as they are already special-cased separately (#4127).
  • Display audio file format in the menu bar (#4016).
  • Updated / new French translations from Roming22-FR
  • Send full MIDI time code (if enabled) after changing sync source; should fix #4147.
  • LV2 persist extension now works because we don't keep resetting the ID of the plugin.
  • Fix horizontal sizing of the track controls area in the editor
  • don't mark the big clock window as a "utility" window
  • Enable playlist switching for MIDI tracks
  • shuttle control: make scroll events step by precisely 1 of the current units (semitones or percent)
  • Improve layout of automation track controls box

Thanks once again to Carl Hetherington for his work on bug fixes.

Hi , I have a problem with midi loop regions in A3 , but I don’t know if it is a bug or anything else , so i’ll post it here first.
Looped midi regions are not played smoothly , it takes a little time ( i mean some ms) to reach the start point again, it’s in late on the timing.
Anyone can help me?

first rule of a3 testing: do not report issues on the forums. use IRC, the mailing list or the bug tracker. thanks.

Great work can’t wait to see the final version.
Howto install with the videotimeline.
Normally ./waf configure --videotimeline but I see only

For example

A3 is going to be the best DAW ever…

Thank you Paul and Ardour team for your continued effort on this great open source project.

This progress really looks excellent!

I very much appreciate these regular detailed updates - it makes it immediately clear how much valuable work is being done.

I just resumed my monthly donations and added an additional one time donation.

excellent release! hey… paul last month i suscribed to ardour but the subscription doesnt appear on my account, is that normal?

I love Ardour 3.0 alpha9! I’ve been using the 1MIDI device everyday. It has been very easy to use when recording multiple tracks. I am really happy that they have fixed the “Enable playlist switching for MIDI tracks”. It has been really helpful. It is easy to lose track of time with Ardour!

@haley: be sure to try alpha10 then, which is even better.