Ardour 3.0 alpha 8 released

3.0 alpha8 is now available. Its not a huge set of changes, but does include fixes for several crashing bugs. One important thing to note up-front is that some changes introduced in alpha7 have seriously broken a number of aspects of automation track display and editing (this includes MIDI Controller data). Fixing these issues (not being able to edit the data, track heights and visibility being wrong) will be the first priority when I start working on alpha9 next week.

Ready-to-run binary packages can be found here:

Changes & Fixes

  • Correct broken behavior of Ctrl-c (copy) when used with regions
  • Fix crash on moving back beyond the region start in the step editor
  • Fixed bug where multiple embedded files would import at the timestamp of the first file.
  • Fix range and behaviour of monitor gain solo boost and SiP dim controls
  • Add numeric displays to monitor section controls
  • Cleanup incorrect use of jack_port_get_buffer_type() (potential crash)
  • Change default overlapping note strategy to "relax" (i.e. do nothing)
  • Fix crash when looping with MIDI data
  • Add note-off resolution at loop point so that notes are turned off when looping (but don't forget the effects of Ye Olde Sustain Pedal/Controller).
  • Rename "Apply" in the startup dialog to "Open" .
  • Remove some potential user confusion by replacing a non-standard error dialog with a standard MessageDialog
  • Ignore unpaired noteoff's when writing part of a MidiModel to a new source. In reality, there should probably be no unpaired noteoffs, but this is still an important fix because without it MIDI->Fork will create a region with no data at all.
  • Better handling of session loading errors when playlists can't be created
  • Always use numeric prefixes for default-named tracks / busses
  • Revert inadvertent broken changes in alpha7that broke route group gain control
  • Fix crash when open automation track for MIDI CC

Thanks to Todd Naugle, Carl Hetherington and your eternal grunt for this set of changes.

Will Ardour 3 have all the major features of FL Studio?

Then I won’t need a extra program for recording from keyboard and modifying, right?

That would be great. I will donate some money when v3 is out.

You already can use LMMS with Ardour connected via Jack transport and Ladish. This way you will get much more then FL. So don’t wait Ardour3, donate now.

A week ago I test:
This is a major step forward!
The program is stable.
The old projects can be opened!
Great job!

JACK patchbay doesn’t connect any of the connections the with this alpha.
As with Ardour2 and JACK it connects guitar, Synth, Vocals automatically just ready to record.

@luizmartines: this seems rather unlikely.

Maybe I did something wrong when starting Ardour3 and Jack I will try again and see what was the problem.

Linux 64 bit Intel:
Linux 32 bit Intel:

Are Intel processors preferable over AMD processors?

@mixit: the “Intel” designation means “x86” or “x86_64”. It does not indicate a preference for Intel over AMD, and in fact at the time of writing, I would say that AMD generally provides better performance per dollar unless you absolutely must have the very fastest processor available. “Intel” is there to distinguish the CPU type from, for example, PowerPC, ARM and others.