Ardour 3.0 alpha 7 released

Hot on the heels of alpha6, here is the 7th alpha release of Ardour 3.0. This fixes a major regression related to panning in alpha6, adds MIDI note selection channel editing, and a variety of other fixes and improvements (See below for more details). Ready-to-run binary packages can be found here:


  • New MIDI note editing: "c" initiates channel editing for the current MIDI note selection


  • Increase the amount of vertical motion required to trigger zooming while dragging the playhead
  • Fix restoring Panner state for sessions created with alpha1 thru alpha5.
  • Updated spanish translation (mistakenly claimed to be present in alpha6)
  • New Czech translation (mistakenly claimed to be present in alpha6)
  • Include libs/gtkmm2ext in the translation system
  • Monitor bus now (correctly) has no panner
  • Fix cleanup of LV2 plugin external GUIs (for those plugins whose GUI "cleanup" handling is itself correct, like those from LinuxDSP)
  • Fix non-working AFL and PFL soloing modes (broken somewhere around alpha5)
  • Sends to the monitor bus now do panning; control is shared with the main panner for the track/bus

This release contained work from Paul Davis, Pavel Frich and Pablo Fernandez.

great work! now to do a self-demo to test drive it… heh…

Just started scratching the surface of this new build. So far, everything has been wonderful. Thank you for the continued hard work!

is it already documented an issue related to stacked layering editing? i´ve seen it in previous releases but i thought probably someone else have seen it… when i edit stacked layers in group i.e. 5-8 takes of drums it gets very complicated as when i select one take or range to remove it, Ardour may well remove from the rest of the tracks all the ranges that have the same lenght, so when i want to delete ranges or takes i have to uncheck edit and select from the group options so i can delete one by one… for each track…

also theres bug related to the colour of the selected ranges, when you click a range its ok it colours kind of purple, when start clicking several ranges not by selecting them all they al seem as they were all selected (whiteish color)…

so… are these bugs already in the issue tracker or should i report them?

You should get on IRC to discuss them, or report them in Mantis, this isn’t really the best place to either ask if they have been reported, or to search for them to see if they have been reported(Like you would in Mantis), or to discuss the issue.


As usual - a good job. I recorded the session and it is very stable. Thank you.

Been using this release - no problems so far.

Thanks for your excellent work.

Ctrl + C - removes the selected record on the track. Is this correct?

I have an issue with the 6 and alpha 7 releases , when the position pointer reaches the end of a loop region the application close .Why!?!
I don’t have any problem with the alpha 5 . :frowning: … anyway is an excellent software ( and work )

I’ve the same problem.
The 32-bit alpha 7 and alpha 6 are closed.

@mike73, @bobkopter: if you have MIDI tracks, then this is a known bug that is already fixed.

Thanks Paul , the alpha 8 works perfectly :slight_smile: