Ardour 3.0 alpha 4 released

Ardour 3.0 alpha 4 is here with a mixture of bug and packaging fixes. Pick up the packages:

Changes since alpha3

  • Include MIDI maps in the packaging and make them accessible
  • Include export presets and formats, and make them accessible
  • Fix two existing MIDI maps for XML errors
  • Fix major bug with MIDI data handling that led to no playback after sufficient notes were played
  • When running on a smaller screen, hide autoplay, autoinput, click and autoreturn buttons, and move nudge clock up to transport lock level (all hidden controls are still accessible via the Transport menu)
  • Fix mis-interpretation of plugin parameters marked as being sample-rate dependent - allows correct control of the parameters as well as save/restore of these values.
  • New russian translation
  • Implement latest revision of LV2 "persist" extension for plugin state save/restore
  • Implement new LV2 "files" extension for plugins that need to store info about files on disk
  • Restore Solo boost, SiP cut and Dim Cut correctly on session reload
  • Save/restore PortInsert state fully
  • Untick speaker dialog in menu when it is closed
  • Fix crash when using VAMP plugins at sample rates other than 48000 (eg. with Rhythm Ferret)
  • Make route group editor list reorderable
  • fix import of multi-track SMF files with some tracks containing only meta-events
  • Always show the log/error window whenever an error or warning is posted
  • Fix Transport->Play->Play option name, and rename Play Selection to Play Selected Range
  • Update region peak amplitude when the region is trimmed
  • Avoid GTK error message if some normal window is displayed before the editor
  • Restore plugin output meters in generic plugin GUIs (e.g. for compressors like SC4)
  • Fix crash when adding certain LADSPA plugins
  • Fix end of MIDI playback within a few seconds with any newly imported tracks
  • Scroomer responds to scroll wheel
  • Fix normalize to correctly check all channels
  • Strip dependent libraries in the package (reduces size by about 20MB)

Thanks as ever to Carl Hetherington for his bug fixing blizzard, to Dave Robillard for his work on LV2 both within and outside Ardour and Alexandre Prokoudine for the first translation file for Ardour 3.0.

More than a month since last news. Got a new update for us?

@samtuke: Check out Mantis…

I send my words of gratitude huge.

Awesome job!

I can not thank all of you enough. Version 3 is amazing so far.

Hi, is Ardour 3 going to have several languages support? like Spanish? if theres no translation yet to spanish i think i can help on that but i dont know how to proceed and submit the required info for the language… info on that would be great.

Thanks Devs for A3a4!

Ardour3 will have full internationalization just like Ardour2. We rely on our wonderful translator volunteers to make the translations - so far, we’ve had Russian (and perhaps one other) done. There is a spanish translation for Ardour2, and even a Basque one now :slight_smile: You should post to the ardour-dev mailing list if you want to get involved in translation.

Looking superb! Leaps and bounds :slight_smile: Love the new midi additions and look forward to it as it develops. Thank you all.

Does Ardour 3.0 alpha 4 released INSTALL on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) 64bit?? I’m getting an error message saying that
!!! ERROR !!! - Missing library detected!
This system does not have the correct libs to run Ardour.
Installation will not complete. Please use compatible distro.
HELP Pleaseee!!!

Did you run the installer through a Terminal or just installed by clicking on the installer file? If you run the installer through a terminal I suppose you should probably get an output of which library you are missing (I think), it should install and run fine in ubuntu 10.10 with all the dependencies installed.

@kvishvirli: please do this:

cd /where/you/put/the/unpackaged/alpha4
sh -vx ./

then paste the output to and provide the URL here.



Hi! im using stacked layers to edit some drums, and its great, so i made a group for all tracks and share editing but i can’t “choose the top region” for all tracks in the group at once, is there a way to do it? how? (and is this a good place to ask this?)

Great software, great work devs!

Hi All Tried installing the 64bit on my 64studio box and get the following error:

ERROR !!! - Missing library detected!
This system does not have the correct libs to run Ardour.
Installation will not complete. Please use a compatible distro.

Which files are missing?


@wavesound: what was the output just before the message?

Hi Paul just seen this reply Ardour been running fine!!
What an improvement!!
Thank you so much will be sending some cash when available!!