Ardour 3.0 alpha 2 released

That was fast!


…but what a huge package! 828Mb uncompressed. Is it compiled with static libraries?

No it isn’t, but it does include many libs.


This is awesome! What great work! I’m SO glad to have the file format frozen.

one question: is anyone else having difficulty importing midi files? I can import audio regions, but not midi ones. (and I can’t seem to figure out which debug switch will let me see the error it’s dropping. “all” gives me too much)

Hmmm, why do the links still say alpha1? was the one that I see on the page right now, is it still alpha2?

Hi! Is it possible in Ardour 3.0 to see the names of single drums (e.g. “Snare”, “Kick” etc.) when editing MIDI drum parts (a-la Rosegarden)?

yes, this really is “alpha2” but i forgot to rename the release. sorry about the confusion!

@temcat: we have no concept at present of note<->instrument map definitions (ironically we do support the significantly more complex MIDNAM patchfile standard). it will come, perhaps before 3.0 final but probably after.

sorry if that comes across as a bug report. That might well be the sort of comment best said on the dev’s mailing list… oops.


The program very nice, but very slow.
My cpu is overload.
I stay at the 2.8.11 version.
I’m sorry.

same here: the same session takes up 22% dsp usage in A2, but it goes up to 67% in A3 alpha1 (still have to test alpha2 though…)

  1. Make sure you get on IRC or on Mantis and report this.

  2. Example sessions demonstrating this are needed. Attach them to Mantis reports.

  3. This is ALPHA quality software folks, you shouldn’t even think about replacing Ardour 2 with this at t his stage of the game, so it shouldn’t be a question of what do I stay with, and more a question of, do I want to help with the development of this or not right now.


Lately I’ve been compiling mine with the --optimize switch during the configuration step, and I get 4.5% with a starting session, adding 12 tracks (mono) and a few plugins DSP usage goes to about 12%, so, for those who are capable of compiling it I would suggest to test it with that option, it runs extremely fast and smooth, and these values are under the “generic” ubuntu kernel, not my custom RT kernel.

Just wanted to throw that in for those who do compile from SVN.

For those who can’t, I can say that the DSP usage issue has been getting better with time, so just be patient, like seablade says this is all still alpha and the reason they are releasing these alpha versions is because they really need more testers, just go ahead and download it and fool around with it, and whatever issue you find do post it into the Mantis Bugtracker (Issue Tracker) or go to IRC.

Of course, further testing of the A3!

Yes, this is ALPHA ( A testing step)…

For a little more clarification…