Ardour 3.0-3.3 for MacOS10.6.8?

Is there an available version for download of A3.0 or higher for Mac OS 10.6.8?

I am not able to run the beta for 3.5 because I am not able to update my OS to 10.7 but I am very interested to check out 3.0 or higher, with specific interest in the video capabilities…


I am only making available the most recent beta/demo version for OS X as a ready-to-run package. And for reasons beyond my control, that is only available as a 64 bit version that may not run on anything earlier than 10.7 (though it might).

I have not decided what the minimum version will be in the future - historically I’ve tried to support versions as old as Tiger, but it is clear that I have to “move forward” a bit. 10.6 was the worst version of OS X ever released, and I do not have a copy, so I do decide to target it, we will have to cross our fingers that Apple’s handling of such things actually works.

Thanks for the answer, Paul. Even though I am able to run 64bit programs (I have max and ableton live in 64 bit) on 10.6.8 the most current beta/demo version for OS X won’t run on my machine. I guess I should look into upgrading my OS X eventually. Thanks again.


Technically 10.6 was probably the best version from a user perspective for the AV person in recent years. From a programming perspective though, it is certainly a headache, I completely understand that:)


Technically 10.6 was probably the best version from a user perspective…

I’m currently battling with Apple’s “sandbox” requirements (mandatory for new applications installed via the Mac App store) - which according to the documentation they prefer you to think of as “safeguards rather than restrictions…” which therefore means I’m “safeguarded” to only be allowed to store my files in specific locations Apple dictates (for my own safety, of course…)

I wish there was a computer / OS which was as easy to use (from a user point of view) as a Mac but gave me (as a developer) the flexibility and / or freedom of linux…

Specifically 10.6 was stuck halfway between 32bit/64bit and Carbon-OK/Carbon-gone. A really confused released for everyone.


Yea, Mac was going that route, but then took a sudden right turn to iOS land and went very downhill.


Yep I remember, and all the headaches that came along with it. It was just painful to develop on. But from a user perspective it was the last release before the turn into iOS land I mentioned above, where it was still a computer OS and not looking strangely like an overglorified phone OS:) And then in 10.7 and 10.8 you start getting into things like mandatory HDCP encryption over certain connections, even if I am not watching anything that is encrypted or stuff I create, etc. It just gets painful from there for a professional user IMO.


Specifically 10.6 was stuck halfway between 32bit/64bit and Carbon-OK/Carbon-gone…

And I’m currently still having to support 32 Bit VSTs in my Mac plugin ports, - even on 10.8 - which means Carbon UIs for 32Bit, as well as the cocoaUIs in 64Bit land. (Actually a minimal Carbon-based wrapper… around the cocoaUI, which, without going into all the nasty details tends to involve lots of obJC NSAutoreleasePool nastiness…)

i’ve just downloaded the right ARDOUR on my macbook OSX 10.6.8 et i just can’t open it
the message is: Check that the application is compatible with this mac OSX…

what can i do?
thanks and sorry for my english

i have download ARDOUR 2 on my Mac OSX 10.6.8
and it doesn’t work…i can’open it
is there anybody to give a little help?

You will get better help from our IRC channel (see for information) during US Eastern daytime hours. Forums are basically useless for providing help with actual running issues. My nick is “las” … ask for me if/when you show up. Did you read as was suggested ?