ardour 2008 and aaf is it possible ?

hello everybody, i am new too use ardour/jack/xjadeo.
(and sorry for my bad English :slight_smile: )
i try too use ardour for finishing a 26 minutes documentary, i have time…but.
is it a way too “import” an aaf file ? and save lot of time ?
he try to search in the forum (and google) for “aaf/omf”…but only response from 2006.and it’s 2009

so if someone have news on aaf inport/export with ardour…

ps: happy new year ! ( bonnes année à tous from france )…

hello rozea, thank’s for the reply and the link :slight_smile:

I can’t answer your question… I simply don’t know, someone else?

btw do you know ? Check it out…

to make the soundtrack you have to render your aaf into something that xjadeo can read… and something that does not eat you CPU/disk/memory/screen resources completely. Best in my (limited) experience to export the video into final format, then use mplayer to produce
(a) a scaled-down 150pixel version in raw format with no sound for loading in xjadeo and
(b) the sound track as .wav file, for ardour. Now you open jack, xjadeo with video file, and ardour with sound track in it.
then edit the sound with ardour, once final, you can merge (again with mplayer) the remixed sound with the original movie.

I assume you want to import only the audio (without the video) ?

If so, I’ve developed a plugin that converts AAF files into Ardour sessions. Currently it’s being used by Trinity Audio Group in their Indamixx product:-

If you’re using Debian Linux I believe there’s an installer package available but I don’t have the details to hand (although I could easily find out for you). If you don’t have a Debian based distro you can only use the plugin if you can build Ardour from source. You’ll also need Wine or (theoretically) Crossover Mac, if you use OS-X (however, no beta testers have yet come forward for OS-X, so it’s completely untested on the Mac platform). Also, it’s only been tested at PAL frame rate - but that should be okay for you if you’re in France.

It’s interesting that you should refer to posts from 2006 because my plugin has been available since August 2007. The changes needed within Ardour are very trivial but I don’t have write permission for the source tree and (given the lack of testing) nobody else seems willing to check in the changes. This has created an ongoing ‘catch 22’ situation - nobody will check in the code until it’s been tested but I can’t find any testers who can build from source.

Let me know if you want any more details.

yes i want to import multiple audio files

yes i using Debian Linux (ubuntu/kubuntu…try studio64 too…) if there’s an installer package available it’s a very very very very good news :slight_smile: .
use wine is not a problem, yes i am french (and yes too my English is not really good,)

if it’s possible to test your plugin, i am ready :slight_smile:

i’ve been reading forums and seems that lot of people are interested in importing AAF sessions. why your plugin is not added to the code? is there any licensing problems? are you still working on it?

No muzzel, it was finished a long time ago. The plugin is adapted from some earlier AAF plugins that I wrote many years ago for a (separate) Windows product. Consequently, it uses some legacy Windows code which can only be used in Ardour by installing Wine. To remove the necessity for Wine would be a long job although I’m willing to re-write the plugin (removing the Wine dependency) if someone will sponsor me. Unfortunately however, no sponsor has come forward so far and in the interim, Paul has decided that he’d prefer to have no AAF facility, rather than one that needs Wine.

If you’re running 64studio (or if you own a product called Indamixx) you can obtain an AAF inclusive version of Ardour in binary form by contacting Daniel at 64studio (Indamixx users currently get it bundled for free).

For other Ardour users however, there’s no obvious solution. Unless Paul backs down - or a (wealthy) sponsor comes forward - or someone else develops AAF, it looks like they’re never going to get it… :frowning: