Ardour 2 won't install (gentoo)

I’ve got several ardour 2 projects which I’ve always meant to get back to one day. Recently tried to install ardour 3 (3.5.403) and tried importing some of my old projects but v3 is pretty much unusable. There are numerous, serious problems including total freeze-ups which forced me to make many hard reboots. I was lucky not to lose any other work I had open.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to go back to ardour 2. I’m on Gentoo which has ebuilds for 2.8.16 as well as a build from repo version but neither will install unless I disable the LV2 use flag but virtually all the old work uses LV2 plugins.

If anyone knows how ardour 2 can be installed with LV2 (particularly on Gentoo) I’d be very grateful. I’m kind of staring down the barrel of a gun here. If I can’t get this working a large pile of my work will be facing oblivion.

Have you tried downloading the install package from this site?

Didn’t know about that - will try it now. Thanks.

In case you can’t solve this problem on Gentoo, Ardour 2 (“ardour” package) works fine with LV2 in current Debian testing.

I’ve also been looking at Harrison mixbus: would I be right in thinking this is a completely self-contained program apart from a dependency on JACK?

The way Gentoo works is to build apps from sources. You can select various USE flags which activate various build options - such as LV2 support. My problem is that somewhere in the graph of software dependencies something is incompatible with the Ardour v2 build process.

So, if mixbus is a completely self-contained app, no more dependency issues (apart from JACK of course). Plus all the Harrison goodies :slight_smile:

I guess using mixbus is also a preferred way to support Ardour?

Mixbus support comes from Harrison consoles officially. They are pretty responsive, have their own IRC channel and support email. That isn’t to say you won’t get help if you post here, just be aware of where the official support is. And yes it is a self contained binary executable. Also Ardour as distributed from this site is a self contained binary as well, and if you are a subscriber here the builds you get are supported through the typical means (IRC and Forums primarily). If you download the free version it makes a great demo but none of your plugin settings are saved.

Personally I like both:)


Thanks seablade. Very useful to hear some details about support options for users although what I was really thinking about was ways for users to support the Ardour project. I guess going the mixbus route is one of the preferred ways to make a modest contribution to that?

There is a very modest contribution back to Ardour through Mixbus, but honestly if you want to support Ardour why not give directly to Ardour by becoming a subscriber, or at the very least making a donation straight to them? Albiet this does require going through Paypal, which I know I avoid like the plague, for most folks, but that is certainly the most direct way. Mixbus does support Ardour as well though yes with a percentage I believe.


Mixbus is pretty good but im still waiting on mixbus 3 coming out. I thought it would have been out yet but i guess there waiting on ardour 3 to get to a more stable point.