Ardour 2 SVN debugging symbols

I’m trying to generate a backtrace for a crash, but when I run ./ardbg I get the error

gtk2_ardour/ardour-2.7.1: No such file or directory.
I compiled it from svn (with DEBUG=1) so there is no ardour-2.7.1 directory; it’s 2.0-ongoing. I tried running
gdb /usr/local/bin/ardourvst
but then it says this:
"/home/ian/src/ardour-trunk/2.0-ongoing/vst/ardourvst": not in executable format: File format not recognized
Sorry, this probably has an easy solution but I have the flu and thinking about syntax seems to make it worse.

First, running gdb on the VST build is more or less completely pointless. This has been one of my most important reasons for being reluctant to support VST plugins - it is often impossible to debug problems. Second, the VST build generates a totally different executable than a normal build. You almost certainly don’t want to know the details :slight_smile: