Ardour 2 and Korg MDE-X Plugins

I am working with the most current version of Ardour 2 and I use the Korg MDE-X Plugin Collection for Mastering.
My problem is that although I donated for the download (which as far as I understand should result in a version of ardour that is capable of saving plugin states), Ardour looses the configuration of the plugin, so I have to reconfigure the plugin everytime I open up the project. Any suggestions?

Check if the issue exists in Ardour 3. If it does, file a bug at so that it is possible to have a sensible dialog about the issue. If it doesn’t, you’re out of luck. Don’t expect any immediate action on the bug and don’t expect any fix unless there are demo versions of the plugins freely downloadable (or unless you can convince Korg to make them available to me)