Ardour 2.8 with VST in 64 bits system

Hi, I’m successful builded ardour 2.8 with LV2 in my 64 bits Debian Lenny. But when I tried to build it with VST support scons tells that is not possible to build VST in a 64 bits system. I’m very confused, wath it means? I have to change to a 32 bits system or do a chroot in my 64 bits system to run VST plugins? There is not another, more elegant, possibility to run VST plugins on a amd64 system?

Lot of Thanks

You cannot load 32 bit VST plugins into a 64 bit host. This means you either need to run a 32 bit system (including the 32 bit host), or you need to build a 32 bit host in a 32 bit chroot’ed system. You will also need a modern version of JACK that supports 32 and 64 bit clients. Most 64 bit systems allow you to run a 32 bit binary without any extra effort - its the actual building of it that is painful.

Or you can install dssi-vst and hook vst plugins via jack. (using eg. qjackctl)

Thanks for you replays, but my wine can run 32bits aplications in my 64 bits OS for these reason I think that must be possible tu run VST on 64 bits system. I’m wrong? Is expected to suport VST plugins under ardour in 64 bits system in the future releases?
sliwowitz: the dssi-vst don’t convince me because I run a lot of plugins and its very laborious to connect plugin by plugin manualy. tanks anyway.

You’re missing the important detail in my message. Running 32 bit apps on a 64 bit system is one thing. Running 32 bit plugins inside a 64 bit host is an entirely different thing.

Let me get technical with you even if you don’t understand it.The VST specification includes data structures that contain pointers. In a 64 bit environment, a pointer occupies 64 bits; in a 32 bit environment, it occupies 32 bits. This means that a 32 bit plugin and a 64 bit host disagree about how big these data structures are and where within them these pointers are. There are some really kludgy hacks one can come up with to make this work (Cakewalk have done this with Sonar for example, which is wierd since very few people run windows 64 bit, but i digress …). I have no plans to get involved in these sort of wierd hacks.

Good plugin APIs (in fact, good APIs of any kind) avoid declaring pointers as part of the data structures shared between the “plugin” and the “host”, and instead provides functions/methods to access all elements of the plugin. VST2 does not do this. I don’t recall if VST3 does.

Tanks Paul for yours explanations, now I understand. At this point I am very satisfied with Ardour 2.8 and its potential. I will try it on a 32bits system with VST plugins because I’m missing some LADSPA or LV2 plugins that I have in VST format like some reverbs, delay, multiband compresors or melodyne

Good job Paul and all development Team!

Sadly, you won’t be able to use Melodyne or anything like it until this feature will be implemented. Also, I wasn’t able even to install Melodyne under Wine. If you’ll have any success, please let me know.