Ardour 2.8 install - liblo does not appear to be installed


I’ve run into trouble trying to install 2.8 on my Kubuntu 8.04.


And scons builds fine, but when I try to install with: sudo checkinstall scons install -D

the install fails with liblo does not appear to be installed.

I tried searching around the forum, uninstalled the liblo packages that came with the system, got fresh liblo sources, compiled them, and still the error persists.

Has anybody had similar experiences? Any pointers?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had a similar problem; in my case it was caused by the fact that the library was installed in /usr/local/lib (as are most locally-installed
libraries), but the default for pkg-config is only to search /usr/lib, at least for root. You can override this by setting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH

so try this:
sudo su -
cd to where you built ardour
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig
checkinstall scons install -D

[I can’t remember whether you have to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to

but one of these two should work]

Thanks for the suggestion Matt. I only got back to my machine tonight.

Alas, neither of the two variants have worked :frowning:

Will try to fiddle with it a bit more… or I’ll just upgrade to a clean install Jaunty and try my luck there.

Thanks again.

The SConstruct script seem to look for ‘lo_server_new’ in lo.h (should be in/usr/include/lo/lo.h) however ‘lo_server_new’ is defined in /usr/include/lo/lo_lowlevel.h which is included by lo.h.

Bottomline, changing ‘lo_server_new’ in SConstruct to ‘lo_server_thread_new’ solved the problem for me.

Hope it helps,

it seems that scons also breaks the build environment, so pkg-config does not find its configuration files for the libraries, and scons reports unsatisfied dependencies

unfortunately, scons is something like a 45000 lines makefile, so investigating the source of this problem in scons is out of the question.
as a workaround, i wrote a wrapper script around pkg-config for building ardour:

mv pkg-config pkg-config-bin
vi pkg-config -->
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/ardour/lib/pkgconfig:/path/to/ardour/lib64/pkgconfig:/path/to/…
pkg-config-bin $*

after doing that, scons found all the libraries and continued building ardour

just don’t forget to undo that wrapper-script-magic after your build is complete


Um scons should work fine with pkg-config. It actually sounds like you are just creating the PKG-CONFIG-PATH variable with what you are doing effectively, which should be an environment variable in your environment, can you confirm that it is normally there on a fresh login? Thanks.