Ardour 2.8 for OS X now available

We are glad to announce the availability of Ardour 2.8 for OS X. Delayed a little by the design and implementation of the new "donationware" download system, these packages for Intel and PowerPC systems bring all the improvements of 2.8 to the OS X platform. As noted elsewhere, you have a choice of paying something (anything!) for the version with AudioUnit state & preset handling, or getting a version without those features for free.

If by “donationware” you mean “shareware” then you’d be correct. Sad that such a transition is necessary to keep this wonderful project going, though it does take a step from wonderful at the same time.

I would distinguish between “donationware” and “shareware” in the following way: shareware normally involves a totally unencumbered download, followed by later exhortations (nag screens etc) to pay. donationware is a very slightly different model that (gently) tries to get the downloader to pay up front (while leaving open the possibility of later donations).

You don’t need to ask anybody’s opinion. Download it and see for yourself. Donate or subscribe once you’ve established its usefulness for you. Just don’t download it and start using it and imagine that stuff like this happens “for free”, because it doesn’t.

Just tested the free version at an all-day session and was quite satisfied with it over GarageBand. It was only after the fact when I went to use the AudioUnit graphic EQ and matrix reverb that I ran into the limitations of this version. In my case, well worth my $20 for the extra stuff so I don’t lose my settings. Keep it up, I’m quite impressed with Ardour’s progress.

As long as you donated during the download process you should be able to download very easily. It is best if you are logged in when you donate as well to ensure it gets assigned to your account and you can redownload as well in the future.


I paid for it but can’t find how to download it. HELP!!!