Ardour 2.8.7 crash and rendering issues. OS X 10.6.x


It crashes sometimes when double-clicking on an insert or send to modify its settings.
I was trying to mix a about 20 something track song and in the ~2 hours I spent on it, it crashed at least 3 or 4 times.

I haven’t been spending much time on Ardour, for lack of time to put in music (unfortunately), so it could something I don’t see because of my lack of experience with the software.

JACK is running fine. I just restart Ardour and it runs fine for a while.

As for the rendering issue, it happens mostly in lists such is the one you find when creating sends. It’s the redraw that seems that be having an issue in general because with the mixer it slows a lot. (But I know this has been told before, so it’s probably related, and I can live with it. As long as Ardour is stable).

This is my setup:
Unibody MacBook Pro, 15", 2.4ghz, 2 gb ram, 500 GB 7200 RPM. Runs Snow Leopard, fully updated.
Behringer BCF-2000 control surface
Focusrite Saffire LE, latest drivers.



Oh, I was more incline to think it was something with my setup or my doing than a bug.

I’m always running my MBP in “Better savings” mode (which I could to the same with my wife and my account), it could be related. I’ll try running in high performance mode next time to see if it still crashes.

'Til then,

I’ve had a Mac for less than a year and I’m a Java developer… I’m not familiar with OS X XCode and C++ is something I haven’t seen for a long time…

Is there some logging within Ardour or OS X that could be useful for debugging? Stack traces, something?
I’d prefer to submit a bug with as much information as possible.

I’ve been a Java developer for 10 years, and I know a lot about the PITA in can be debugging. If I were more up to date on C++ and familiar with XCode, I would have tried debugging it myself before, but I barely have time to make music a few hours a month!



Read the link Paul posted, it answers exactly what you asked in your second comment, including how to obtain stack traces(Crash Reports) on OS X, and what to submit with bug reports(Said stack traces, console logs, etc.).

In as far as crashes being more your doing, chances are if it is a crash, it is a problem in Ardour that needs to be fixed. Power savings shouldn’t be making much difference in this case. If we were dealing with just dropouts etc. that would be another story.