Ardour 2.8.5 - The Application Ardour2 quit Unexpectedly

thank you for the great program. A -more cosmetic- thing to fix. 50% of the time: when I shut down Ardour using the menu I get the error message. Here the console output:

03/02/10 8:43:19 AM [0x0-0x42042].gpl.elementicaotici.JackPilot[1052] Could not write request ref = -1 notify = 3 err = (ipc/send) timed out
03/02/10 8:43:19 AM [0x0-0x42042].gpl.elementicaotici.JackPilot[1052] JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync Process error

This message is repeated a couple hundred times. If I use the keys CMD+Q to shut down this NEVER happens. Running OS X 10.5.8 on a new MacPro.


Same situation here with Ardour 2.8.6. Using Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a MacBook Pro.

EDIT: Just tested 2.8.7 and apart from starting faster and feeling in general more responsive, I closed it three times without any crashes (but I didn’t do much after opening).