ardour 2.8.2 on ubuntu not working

I have system: ubuntu 9.10, gnome + compiz, i686.
I installed ardour normally via synaptic.
I have problem that my playhead not working. I am unable to start and stop it.
Therefore I can`t record and play anything.

Everything other seems to be working, I can setup tracks and other, even it is possible to import audio, but Play button is death.
Have you anybody any ideas?
It is possible that software is broken?
Or could be problem in OS?
Thank you very much.

Ps: I am not asking for setup tracks or Jack, it is working.
And other audio/video application working in this system well [audacity, PiTiVi, VLC…etc…/

I tried run on same pc run LiveCD [Dynebolic 2.5.2] with Ardour and there Ardour working perfect. Even when i stopped Jack The Playhead still working [mean: reaction on start and stop]

I nearly get crazy.
Now I know…

@Paul I noticed the d/l links have gone in your article

Ubuntu … 1. Download a newer package, perhaps from here or here