Ardour 2.8.16 is released

Hot on the heels of 2.8.15 comes a minor upgrade to 2.8.16. This release is of significance to only 2 groups of people:

  • People who use a FFADO-supported audio interface on Linux and like to start JACK from within Ardour (this has been fixed to use the correct "firewire" driver name)
  • Packagers for Linux distributions (this release will now build using SYSLIBS=1 on most current Linux distributions, unlike 2.8.15 which was almost impossible to build under any circumstances)

Get it as usual from

Thanks for sorting the FFADO issue. I did try to report it on Mantis, but I after registering 3 days ago, I am still waiting for confirmation of registration.

Send me your login name on Mantis at…

seablaede at gmail

Note the extra ‘e’ in the name.

Thanks seablade. Email sent.

Idon’t know why im trying to git ardour to be any better becase i cant use it i know just use mix bus but i cant afour it. id happy to donate if i could if it was on windows os but u sould add insterment unlimed lyering and spiting across ur keybord so u can use it live. add suport for muscore for nottoin

when is Ardour going to be on windows os cant wait to try Ardour!:slight_smile:

there are no plans for a windows release at this time. ardour can be built on windows. there is no support infrastructure - our existing community is not interested or able to provide support for windows users. Harrison Mixbus, which is based on Ardour, is available for windows.

thats sad i like how ez it looks to use

thats sad i like how ez it looks to use

Why should this be a problem?
I run Ardour in a system which is also used for some Windows applications: it simply dual -boots AVLinux and Windows XP.

AVLinux is very easy to install, though if you need to convert to dual-boot you’ll have to do some disk partitioning or (maybe easier) install a second HD