Ardour 2.8.15 is released

From out the depths it came ... a maintainance release of Ardour 2.8, number 15 in the series. Not many changes in this release:

  • fix (some) problems with non-Latin characters in session and track names
  • MIDI control on Linux now correctly uses system MIDI data flows, avoiding situations where things "just ought to work" but do not.
  • Correctly save and restore control surface (Generic MIDI, OSC, etc) on/off state across sessions loading
  • Keypad enter key on OS X now works
  • Fix (and change) keybindings for "Maximise Editor Space", "Crop" and "Separate"
  • on OS X, various updates/fixes to the graphical user interface toolkit, including functioning fullscreen mode on pre-Lion systems

The two fixes for MIDI-control-related issues should make working with MIDI control surfaces much less of a hair-pulling experience.

Downloads are available as usual from

Thank you guys for all your work!


Did a fix for the “jack fails to start the ffado driver” issue find its way into this release?

What’s the mantis issue number for that problem?

I can’t find the Mantis number. It’s the issue I mentioned here:

I patched my 2.8.14 with a binary editor (wow, it’s years since I’ve done that sort of thing!) to poke the correct fire driver name into the ardour binary.

I found a Mantis number 0003457 for A3, but that was evidently resolved in 2010.

well, there was a commit in nov. 2011 that changed this too, but that would have already been in 2.8.14, so i’m confused.

Well, the problem persists in 2.8.15. When trying to start the audio engine using FFADO, Ardour invokes jackd with the incorrect parameter " -d ffado". This is evidenced by the console output. The correct parameter is “-d firewire”.

I’ll submit a bug report once my Mantis registration is activated.

Hello, thanks for all works.
This version seems to work better on my Macpro than 2.8.14 ( I don’t know why ). But recording 48 tracks is now possible for me.