Ardour 2.8.14 released

Coming rapidly after our last release, Ardour 2.8.14 includes just a couple of fixes:

  • packaging changes that make various plugin GUIs work correctly (notably the DISTRHO LV2 ports of TAL plugins)
  • Generic MIDI bindings to non-toggle controls using note on/off messages now work in a sane way. Previously, Ardour did something quite odd in this scenario. This enables several generic MIDI controllers to be used much more easily to control the transport state, and several other things too.
  • Bindings to the transport control buttons for return-to-start, goto-end and play-selection now work correctly.
The release can be downloaded in the usual place.

Hi Paul,

Off the top, I can’t tell you the LV2 versions, although they are probably not the most recent. I have the Calf plugins, and a few LinuxDSP.

I can certainly try updating these. Will report back…

Paul H

OK, some updating of plugins and some tweakage of lv2 library location seems to fixed the issue.


Paul H

I am using the Linux x86_64 binaries under Opensuse 12.1

After installation of 2.8.14, something has happened with the handling of LV2 plugins.

1 - Not all LV2 plugins are found (eg Calf plugins)
2 - Those that are found have lost the LV2 gui, and display instead with a “generic” gui.

LV2 plugins work as expected in 2.8.12, and after re-installing 2.8.12, this behaviour was resolved.

Cheers. Paul H

What version of a given LV2 plugin set are you using? My guess is that you are using an older version that use a now-deprecated LV2 GUI extension, and that the newest release of CALF will work just fine. LV2 standards have changed quite a lot since 2.8.12 …

Just out of curiosity, I installed the convolution reverb lv2 plugin from DISTRHO. This caused a crash by seg fault in 2.8.14, and in Mixbus 2.1.0

Not sure if I can provide any debug info, since I am just using the 64 bit linux binaries from

@PaulRH: (the stuff about debugging ardour3 applies to ardour2 from as well)


I ran as debug session as described and dumped the console to a text file. Is it preferable to submit a bug report on Mantis?