Ardour 2.8.10 is released

Ardour 2.8.10 is released into the wild today, primarily to fix an annoying regression in 2.8.9:

  • keyboard presses and releases are now correctly sent to Ardour created plugin GUIs (e.g. for LADSPA plugins), making it possible to use the keyboard to set parameter values and define preset names.

In addition, Ardour will no longer abort if your home directory is not writable, but exits cleanly with a (hopefully) clear error message. This bug really only affects first time users who have been playing around with their system in an unwise fashion.

Trade-off between security and usefulness
Well, not having write permission in ~/ is very secure :slight_smile: but you can’t actually do anything :frowning:

I installed the new version but it keeps silently closing on first run without a message :S

Any ideas?

@jesusgumbau: are you the person I chatted with on IRC whose home folder was not writable?


Based off the crash report posted elsewhere I lean towards yes, but I asked them to get on IRC to confirm this.


Hi yes paul! I just came back to say that the problem can be solved by adding your user’s name with read/write permissions to the folder. Thank you for your help!