Ardour 2.8.1 Released

I am happy to announce the release of Ardour 2.8.1. Although this is primarily a bug-fix release, the bugs that it fixes are important enough that we hope all users, especially those on OS X, will choose to upgrade. Crashes when deleting AudioUnit plugins, and a very important potential data loss issue with session cleanup are now fixed. 2.8.1 also has a builtin "Chat" option to connect (via your web browser) to our IRC channel. To download, visit the download page.

New Features

  • Built-in menu item to connect to #ardour on IRC via web browser
  • Insert Time action can now optionally move tempos & meter markers


  • sort playlist menus in a more agreeable way
  • sort ports correctly in many lists/menus
  • faster startup by using pre-rendered region names
  • implement panner reset functionality (missing since 0.99!)


Crashing Bugs

  • fix crash when deleting AudioUnit plugins (Leopard/Cocoa GUI specific)
  • fix crash when closing a session after displaying 1 or more plugin GUIs

Data Loss Bug

  • fix serious error in Cleanup that could lead to data loss


  • fix AudioUnit input/output configuration cache handling for some plugins with "interesting" configurations.
  • switching into write automation mode doesn't reset gain levels
  • stop import dialog from resizing at various times
  • fix apparently-insensitive file selector in import dialog on OS X
  • fix details of file formats when exporting CD markers
  • fix marker bars, canvas and playhead getting out of sync with timeline
  • fixes for some newer versions of gcc (4.4)
  • don't bother to search for JACK server software if JACK is already running
  • catch JACK shutdown and handle more safely - should solve issues with trying to save after a JACK shutdown.
  • AudioUnit plugins can be turned off/bypassed and then turned back on
  • Session names that include '/' or '\' are caught and asked for again.
  • restore markers (including session start & end) and playhead correctly even if they had very large values (>12hrs)

Updated/New Translations

  • Swedish (Petter Sundlof)
  • French (Martin Blanchard/Ralph Doursenaud)
  • Czech (Pavel Frich)
  • Italian (Emanuele Constantini)
  • Norwegian (Eivind Ødegård)


Carl Hetherington, Nick Mainsbridge, Andreas Ruge, Ben Loftis and head grunt Paul Davis

vervelover, please file a bug report in Mantis. Thanks.


please contact me for italian language issues.
You should find my address in the Ardour’s credit list.

Thanks very much.

Emanuele Costantini

I don’t think it’s necessary, since it’s so evident as soon as you start the program in a screen that is not HUGE (I guess the italian translator had a very big one not to notice this issue…).

Oh my god! the italian translation makes the ardour window too big for my screen! It’s unusable!!! Please correct this issue as soon as you can or restore the old translation…

EDIT. just found that I like it better in english… but still I think it’s a big issue for italian users…

I have a huge backlog of these “associate my paypal &” messages. In retrospect, I should probably not have offered to do it. I will start working through them over the next 12 hours.


I know it’s not the right place to do this, but after two messages sent to you, my ardour account is not yet associated to my paypal subscribtion… So I can’t download this wonderful 2.8.1. Can you help me ?

Many thanks,


Please file a report on mantis. No developer is using the Italian translation so we will not see the problem. You could also try contacting the translator in question. Another option is for you to identify the words which are causing the issue and offer a better translation.


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Another option is for you to identify the words which are causing the issue and offer a better translation.
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Good to see that this is being worked on and a fix is going to clear up these issues.
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Wow there are really quite a lot of improvements in the new version! acai berry

I don’t know if you solved your problem about the size of the window… I’m Italian (Venezia) and I HAD the same problem with ardour 2.8.2 (built from revision 5396) that is in Ubuntustudio Karmic Koala Beta Version wich I’m testing now.

I solved the problem changing the start up script

luca@puppet:~/.ardour2$ sudo gedit /usr/bin/ardour2

and adding a simple line (never mind the comments of course :wink: )

Inizio roba aggiunta da Luca/Puppet per far partire Ardour in Inglese

export LANG=en_US.UTF-8

Fine roba aggiunta da Luca/Puppet per far partire Ardour in Inglese

After all I prefer it in English. The problem itself is exactly what you said: the Italian translation makes the buttons too big.

Have fun ;-ò)