ardour 2.7 can't export regions

with ardour 2.7 I can’t export regions. If I try, ardour tells me that I’ve to select an existing directory. I’ve tried to save into my home, but this message still remain, and I cant’t save.

Further If I try to save all session to a file, jack turns off and reset my firewire soundcard (but file was created)

region export (and range export) already fixed and 2.7.1 will be out this week.

not sure about the 2nd problem. i think you mean “export to a file”, and i believe this is a problem of FFADO and/or FreeBob, the firewire-audio subsystems used by JACK. their main author told me this was fixed in some recent revisions.

Yes (sorry for my english) I’m using ffado driver (version 2.0rc1) with jack 0.115.6 on Ubuntustudio and SaffirePro10.

I’ve seen another “problem” with this version. Sometimes ardour doesn’t save bus/track connection (especially in template).