Ardour 2.7.1 on OS X 10.4 probs

The latest binary 2.7.1 looks and feels very nice. I have encountered two problems (and a smaller issue) so far on my machine (Intel OS X 10.4.11): While it’s cool to have the screen menubar (I guess thats GTK-aqua?), the shortcuts still have the Ctrl modifier (e.g. Cut/Copy/Paste is Ctrl+X/C/V) but should be Meta (Command-Key); this is not really bug, rather an unconvenience.

However, related with the modifier keys, context menus don’t show up. E.g. Ctrl+Click over a an audio file name in the region list should show the context menu. On Mac, Ctrl+Click replaces the Right-Mousebutton of windows/linux systems. (I have a laptop with a one-button trackpad). So here it’s impossible to get the context menus.

Second problem is the volume automation isn’t showing up. If i use the G(ain) tool to draw some volume envelope over a track, the polygon is not visible, only the breakpoints of the one region under the mouse, and the polylines show up in red if i position the mouse exactly over the polylines. Maybe is a problem of transparency?

Last not least, i can’t find the switch to turn of auto-scrolling, where is it hidden? Right now, the edit window always jumps back to where the playback cursor is (during playback) even if i drag the scrollbar to show other parts of the timeline.

Thanks a lot for the good work. Cheers, -sciss-

Did you read as you were repeatedly requested to do (we’ve tried to put links everywhere we could think people might see them). The very first section addresses the whole issue of Ctrl-click in a very precise way.

I will have to check on ctrl-x etc - I believed that this had been corrected quite a while ago, perhaps I only corrected the SAE version or more likely, you have an existing ~/.ardour2 folder (which the document above also suggested removing) that contains older versions of the bindings.

Gain automation … you are confused. Ardour supports per-region gain envelopes, which are edited in “gain mode”. It also supports per-track automation which is drawn in the “fader automation” track (click on the “a” button of a track to make it visible) in normal object model.

It sounds as if you have auto-return enabled, which is affecting playhead behaviour.

Please confirm/refute this feedback. Its very, very important to us.

hi paul,

most issues are resolved, thanks. i deleted ~/.ardour2 so ardour comes up now with Cmd menu modifier (great!), and i enabled the obscure secondary-button option in the preferences, so context menus work. also i found the track volume automation and it paints the envelope properly.

only thing left is the timeline window jumping back to the playhead cursor during playback when i try to scroll to a different portion. audio-return is switched off. in logic this is called “catch” (the icon with the running little man) and it is automatically turned of if i drag the timeline view to a spot which doesn’t contain the playhead. pressing “C” will re-activate “catch” and (if necessary) scroll back to the playhead cursor.

ciao, -sciss-

Follow Mode : Normally it’s binded to Option-f

And I must confess that a “follow button” right next the play button would be a right good thing :wink: