Ardour 2.7.1. fails to save BCF2000 controls over the effect parameters

first thanx for the great job!

i compiled 2.7.1 on Etch/Debian custom rt kernel 2.6.22 recently and have a strange problem: when i save an Ardour2 session, only the fader, panner and solo/mute controls assigned by Behringer BCF2000, are restored. All plugin effect-parameter controlls are lost.

i created a test session with 1 mixer strip containing 1 pre-fader plugin and when i load it i get the following error:

[WARNING]: Generic MIDI control: controllable 132 not found in session (ignored)

which seems strange since the 132 is well defined in “ladspa” and “controls” blocks and it’s even more peculiar because the fader “gaincontrol”, also required by the “Generic midi protocols” at the end of the session file is working perfectly.

I’m stuck here, for i have no idea is it a matter of settings, a bug, or a compilation issue. Compilation was seamless, i used SURFACES, FFT_ANALYSIS and SLV2 options. The distro version of ardour ( 0.99.3) never caused such problems.

Version 0.99.3 is so old its not worth comparing. This sounds like a bug, and as such should get filed in Mantis (see the “Issue Tracker” tab at the top right of this page).

Yep, 0.99.3 is really obsolete, I just mentioned it for comparision. Even so, it made me become an Ardour-believer. This IS the most enjoyable, useful and sincere piece of audio software I ever encountered! Thank you so much for your answer.