Ardour 2.6.1 Released

A bit sooner than expected, we have a fix for one very notable and ugly bug that was still affecting 2.6 (plugin automation tracks would be drawn in the wrong place on the screen). As a result, Ardour 2.6.1 is now available. For those waiting on OS X releases, we have a 2.6 native release already, and PPC will follow early next week; both will be updated to 2.6.1. Its not clear if or when there will be an X11-based release. Thanks to Sampo Savolainen for his work diagnosing and fixing this bug.

Great Work Guys!

A couple of notes:

If you want to build 2.6.1 with LV2 support you will be needing at least slv2 0.6.0 to compile with the new gtk gui feature. So far CALF plugins are the only LV2 plugins I’ve seen that take advantage of this feature but it sure is nice to see a native Linux plugin GUI of ANY kind in Ardour at last!

Here is a screenshot of CALF LV2 plugins with the fancy new GTK GUI running with some VST’s in ArdourVST 2.6.1 and Wine 0.9.52:

CALF Plugins:

Also I think it would be important to update the page on building Ardour with VST support.

Current versions of Wine (meaning 0.9.55 and up) DO NOT nest the Windows properly no matter what settings are used in Wineconfig. I can only speak for Ubuntu Hardy and Gutsy but using ArdourVST will result in the plugin window and the control windows (with bypass, active etc) being separate and closing the plugin window will cause it to disappear for the rest of the session. I think it’s kind of false advertising to say there is working version of ArdourVST in current distros with current versions of Wine.

If this is not the case in other distros or someone has found a workaround please reply and straighten me out on this.

Thanks a lot for this new great release. =^.^=

I only found two little issues with the new feature to hide intermediate tracks on ‘Fit Selected Tracks’ - see bug #2428.


The ardour people may not bother to answer that question, it’s not their job to package ardour and include it into distributions.

But for your information: Ubuntu 8.10 ships with ardour 2.5 (version 1:2.5-0 in the ubuntu repositories, it has “1:” prepended to the ardour version), so it will probably not be until 9.04. That said, you can get deb packages of recent ardour versions here: