Ardour 2.5 VST- how do I actually use VST plugins in ardour?

I followed this guide: , and I finally have my copy built and installed. Now what? I opened a project I’m working on, and I have some VST plugins placed in my usr/lib/vst directory, but when I search for the plugins to add them to the project, I cant find them. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to run a bridge of some kind in WINE and route it into ardour via jack? I know thats what some people do, but I want to get them running without that method. Any thoughts? I already searched this forum and the internet and could find no answers. Also, I don’t have any errors coming up in the log, so I have know idea whats going on.

I think you also need to set the environment variable VST_PATH to point to the directories with your vst’s.

stupid question, but how do I do that?

export VST_PATH=∕usr/lib/vst

Thanks Dazgard!! I’m up and running now. So, anyone have suggestions on where to get good free VST plugins? Thanks All!!

Be forewarned that there are 2 main variables which will determine how well they work:

  1. How well they work with JACK
  2. How well they work with FST

In my experience about 40% of VST plugins work in Ardour with the same stability as their LADSPA counterparts.

Here is a short list I have personally tested for over a year in ArdourVST

Thanks for the reply GMag. I’ll defiantly test out of the ones on your list.