Ardour 2.5 DEB packege for Ubuntu 8.04 i386

Here you can find my Ardour 2.5 DEB package for Ubuntu 8.04 i386…

Please help me to make this package better!!!

thk, Alessio


Although I compile my own Ardour with VST and realize that package cannot be built to share, I thank you for your time and effort to build and share a package for others benefit.

Can you tell me if scons will work with checkinstall?
I would like to build a checkinstall deb so I can share the same version of Ardour on both my OWN machines without having to compile it separately.

A checkinstall deb would be useless to share with others because it would not automatically fix dependencies on outside systems.

Thanks again.

excuse my ignorance. however, what is the difference between your deb install, and the ubuntu’s synaptic distro?

pseudyo the deb package in ubuntu’s synaptic distro is version 2.4, the Deb that alessio has created is for the new 2.5 version.

alessio as much as i respect the time you have put into creating a deb package for the new version, The latest Ardour Deb packages have always been available here :


Well if I’m not mistaken it looks like Alessio might be open to input for custom packaging like LV2 or FREESOUND support or perhaps older Ubuntu distros which the other packages usually don’t come with, I think the more good packages with choice of options the better, as long as the packagers know what they’re doing.

Getdeb also only does new packages for Hardy now (don’t even get me started on that one), So perhaps Alessio and definitely Ematech’s packages are very valuable to users of Feisty and Gutsy (Studio)

Scons and checkinstall can work, try “checkinstall scons install” . :slight_smile:

Checkinstall don’t fix the dependencies, to do it you must say to checkintall all dependecies needed… For this I wrote a personal shell script that say me all… Next days I publish this script on my site.

Thanks for yours feedbacks

GMaq ok! If you need same custom package can ask me, is so simple VirtualBox…


I will check out your site over the next few days for the script, thanks for the info.

I tried an Ardour checkinstall with scons and it worked great, I’m pretty new to using checkinstall so I will still be interested in your script to learn how to use it better.

GMaq, few days sorry… :slight_smile:

Hey, Alessio, your site seems to be dead.

How can I build a deb from ardour with scons?

I have successfully created debs with configure sources with:

checkinstall -D

but I dont know how to get by with scons…

Hi Joe,

I believe you need to build Ardour with scons as usual then instead of “sudo scons install” use “sudo checkinstall scons install -D”

It takes a long time almost like it is building Ardour all over again, however I was able to build ArdourVST 2.5 (for my own machines of course) using that method.

I’m hoping to do the same with 2.6 whenever it gets here. Hope this helps

Ok doing it right now, believe it’s working, will post results when finished.
BTW SVN checkout is already 2.6, that’s what I’m compiling with FREESOUND=1.

Thx GMaq


Looking forward to hearing how it went, I was chatting with Paul briefly on IRC earlier today and he indicated that the 2.6 PRE SVN still had one major bug to squash before primetime hope you don’t find that bug!

Let us know, Good Luck!

Well after a while it installed but returned the following errors when trying to build deb:

dpkg-deb - error: (upstream) version (`ongoing’) doesn’t contain any digits
dpkg-deb: 1 errors in control file

So I don’t have any idea what that means :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll still be checking out what I can do.


Checkinstall with the -D switch tries to build the Debian way so it wants a version number that follows Debian rules like ardour-2.6-SVN#### instead of a name. You should have an opportunity to change the version number when checkinstall first fires up. Do you know if the freesound server is working right now? Supposedly it had problems with it’s API not too long ago, it would be interesting to know if it’s fixed or not.

Yes freesound server is working, last night I compiled ardour from svn with same option (freesound) just for testing 2.6, then I registered at freesound and was able to pull down some nifty sounds from the server.

Ok I will try that version number, will let you know what happens, 12th time I compile ardour in 2 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Kinda fun really…

Thx again!


Worked like a charm!

Thanks a bunch!

======================== Installation successful ==========================

Copying documentation directory…
grep: /var/tmp/ImEXNbaokHhGTippKGWRC/newfile: No such file or directory

Copying files to the temporary directory…OK

Stripping ELF binaries and libraries…OK

Compressing man pages…OK

Building file list…OK

Building Debian package…OK

Installing Debian package…OK

Erasing temporary files…OK

Writing backup package…OK

Deleting temp dir…OK

Done. The new package has been installed and saved to


You can remove it from your system anytime using:

  dpkg -r ardour-2.6-svn-3977