ardour 2.4 - since installing new version no longer can hold command for second mouse button.

hey everyone love ardour, almost got my first few songs finished.
sounding great runs pretty smooth on my PPC. but now since updating to 2.4
i can no longer use the command key in the mixer to put in plugins/inserts
Big problem!!!

i also have noted that there is no longer looping markers above the canvas,
so now editing really sucks - is this on purpose or just missed in the compiled version??

hopefully this will be resolved - i really want to use this software(over protools)
but everything needs to work - then i can shoot the team some cash…

PS: i was going to report a bug - if you delete the start marker - it crashes…
that was in version 2.3.1 i will check this out in 2.4 rightnow!

thanx guys.

The ruler tracks above the canvas can be shown/hidden via the context menu of the label area. Maybe the Punch/Loop row is hidden?