Ardour 2.4 french translation


I updated my Ardour version to 2.4 yesterday and it’s looking great!

I also noticed that an “updated french translation” was available. But I do not find how to install or activate it?
Could someone help me ?

Thank you for your help!


you should not need to do anything except make sure that your locale is set to fr_FR or something similar.


Sorry to bring back this subject on the line, but I can’t figure out how to set my locale to something more “frenchy” than it is now.
I’ve tried to look inside the Ardour file pack, to see if I could try to make my own translation and maybe participate in this project in some way by sharing my files, but I couldn’t figure out where the language files are.

I can’t do what I want with the basic GarageBand, I can’t afford Logic, so Ardour seems to be the solution… if I can get around the language barrier.

Thanks for your help,