Ardour 2.4.1 (suddenly) refuses to load

I had Ardour 2.4.1 installed with VST support. I couldn’t seem to load VST plugins, so I renamed “/usr/local/lib/VST” to “/usr/local/lib/vst”, thinking this wouldn’t have been the first time I’ve run into problems on Linux with putting capital letters where they don’t belong.

However, after renaming the folder: I run “ardourvst”, the terminal window displays Detecting VST plugins, then I get an error window (popup box) from Wine titled Z:\usr\local\lib\ardour2\ardour_vst.exe and saying Can’t load Auto_Active_Switch_Control_CK2005.

When I run “ardourvst VST_PATH=/usr/local/lib/vst”, I get the same error message after the terminal tells me

Xlib: extension GLX missing on display “:0.0”
err:wge:X11_DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo couldn’t initialise OpenGL, expect problems

In this case the Ardour “loading” window is displayed, but crashes as well when the Wine error message appears.

Wine’s Z-drive is set to / (root).
This is on Kubuntu 7.04 with Ardour 2.4.1 built with scons and VST support.

I’ll probably try to build it again in a bit, but in the meantime: any ideas?

Also, any tips on how to load VST plugins once I get into Ardour are welcome :wink:

Thanks in advance,


Hello Khensu,

Looks like wine is your problem, What version of Wine are you running? I personally find version 0.9.49 to work well with ArdourVST but I am running Ubuntu 7.10 and you are running (K)Ubuntu 7.04. A lot of things with ArdourVST are hit and miss because there are so many variables in Versions of Ardour,Wine,Jack,fst etc.etc.

As far as your VST plug-ins go you shouldn’t have to enter VST_PATH= /usr/local/lib/vst in the terminal, ArdourVST should automatically look there. It took me a month of trial and error to get my VST plug-ins to open smoothly without crashing ardour. This is what I did, As root I created a “vst” file in /usr/local/lib/ then one by one I added vst plug-ins and started ardour and tried them in a project, if ardour crashed I deleted them, if they killed jack in ardour I deleted them. Over several days I was able to build up a list of 30 or so plug-ins that were as stable as their LADSPA counterparts. Now I backup a copy of that “vst” folder and when I install on a new machine I at least know that I can get started with these “tried and true” plug-ins.

Here is a website that at least gives you a place to start:

Here is some plug-ins I have found to work well in ArdourVST:

The entire Kjaerhus “Classic” Series
Most of the Voxengo Free Plug-Ins (TempoDelay, OldSkoolVerb, Boogex, Graphic EQ )
The SimuAnalog Guitar Suite (Very Nice!)
DFX Transverb
Paris Parametric EQ
Bojo Tremolo and Flanger
Juicy 77 Guitar Sim

Good Luck!