Ardour 2 & 3 freezes to the point of not being usable

Hi, I am having problems with Ardour 3 on a i7 (7Gb RAM) Ubuntu 15.04 & ardour 2.8 on an i5 (GB RAM), Ubuntu 13.10. The problem is that in both playback and record mode, Ardour freezes. A lot. It is barely usable. The problem is the same on both platforms, but it is notable worse on the higher spec machine with Ardour 3. I cannot seem to find any others with the problem though. Can anyone help me? I installed via the repositories. The problem is infuriating and prevents me from loving Ardour - otherwise it seems great. Although I have yet to fall in love with any of the plugins, but that may just be due to inexperience! Thanks in advance.

If you installed from the repos, try one of the demo versions from this site and see if the problem persists?


There are no ardour 2.8 or 3 demos AFAIK, not even 3.5 so I guess you have to try the version 4 demo

Thanks, I will try that.

Yes Ardour4 Demo is what I was referring to. The short of it is, there are tons of changes between 3 and 4, and I would check that first.


So I uninstalled the previous version tried the demo, briefly, which seemed OK - went ahead and downloaded v4.0.0 but I have the same problem. I have also set cpufreq for performance. Not sure what to try next. Is there a log file or any info that I can provide that would be useful?

Is it that it is freezing, or the the GUI gets unresponsive?

If the latter you may be running into a problem with certain graphics cards and driver combos, which others have run into. A quick google here can turn up more info, but in the short one of the nightlies may be able to help.


thanks, I suspect you may be right, as I have installed on an old i3 now and it is fine. Linux & Mac hardware is a tricky mix at the best of times. On an old tosh now and so far all seems well! Thanks very much for your help.

PS it was both audio and GUI freezing incidentally