Ardour 2.3 font size


i just tested Ardour 2.3. After installing i discovered that all fonts seem to be much bigger than before. I am using KDE, not Gnome so I am unsure how i can adjust the GTK+ font size (i assue it belongs to GTK+). Does somebody have an idea where i can look concerning this issue?


if you don’t like new fonts, you can compile ardour with ‘scons OLDFONTS=1’

run ‘scons --help’ to see the other options.


Indeed, i like the fonts. The only issue is that they appear in a bigger size. Projects which fit to my 21" monitor do not fit to this screen anymore. If there is a way to adjust the size that would be much better than just use the old fonts.
Many thanks for your help!


Actually Paul mentioned this issue somewhere else… I’m not sure where. But he said that in one of the future releases you would be able to change font size and probably other stuff on the fly instead of having to recompile. I think it may have even been planned for the next release, but don’t quote me on it.

Why is it that the fonts can’t be adjusted (size, mainly) with the Fonts preferences of my Fedora 8 installation?
If fonts were adjustable this way, like most software, that would be the most comfortable option.

this is described here:

scroll down to pauls comment ‘just to clarfy…’