Ardour 2+3 cutting out suddenly

Recently Ardour (2 and 3) has started cutting out suddenly. It will play for a minute or two and then stop with a click. When I look at HDSPmixer (RME Multiface) the master out channels are maxed out in the red, as if Ardour was pumping out very loud audio. I don’t actually hear anything though, apart from a click when the sound cuts out.

Other audio apps seem to be working OK.

Anyone any ideas?

ardour3 built from source

@mcgruff: plugins? try turning them off.

Looks like the C*AmpVTS plugin was to blame. Thanks for the tip.

Hey mcgruff, Sorry for cutting in on this topic, but I’m trying to get a copy of your remix of Get On Board The Blues. Please advise if it’s available anywhere, thanks. If you’d rather not reply here you can reach me at