Ardour 2.0.3 released

After some unexpected delays, the Ardour project is pleased to announce the availability of version 2.0.3. You can fetch it either as a source tarball or OS X Tiger DMG.

Changes since 2.0.2

New Features

  • alternate file name filters for the soundfile browser (allow user to see all files, not just guesses at audio files)
  • switch monitoring default to external
  • add declicking xfades when looping
  • new denormal handling options, including both DC bias and processor feature choices
  • Added/improved the ability to record while the transport is looping. This works for both Internal (seamless) and JACK sync, new regions are created each cycle around the loop and stacked on top of each other. It is recommended for now that automatic crossfades be turned off when doing this. Punch-In/Out may be used also.
  • added basic support for the Griffin Powermate "big knob+button" controller (Linux only, for now).

Bug Fixes

  • correct middle button bindings on redirect names
  • fix use of .ardour rather than .ardour2 for VST presets
  • correct problems with redirect/insert dialogs being invisible
  • correctly manage video sync state
  • allow L and R as possible audio file suffixes
  • allow middle-click pasting in several dialogs
  • fix diskstream deletion crash after track removal
  • fix crashes caused by clicking in region list when there is no associated region for that line
  • better default buttons+icons for crossfade editor
  • move clock modes from submenu to top level
  • stop undo/redo from duplicating plugins and more
  • fix audio clock keypress/release handling
  • fix most problems with dragging close to 2^32-1 samples
  • crossfade editor usability improvements
  • fix for crash on ctrl-middle click in regions
  • fixed the stuttering/stuck problem when looping with JACK sync
  • fixed gui bug that prevented record-disable when latch record option is on
  • fixed issue where it would rec-enable unnecessarily when passing through the punch-out point
  • fixed corner case in diskstream record length (that no one would ever notice)

Fixes+features in this release from Jesse Chappell, Tim Mayberry, Markus Schwarzenburg, Sampo Savolainen, Ben Loftis and (no suprises) Paul Davis.