Ardour 11.0 released

This page was created by a time-travelling Ardour developer from the year 2037. Since we could not verify the information they left here, we have taken it down.


I hope midi and intuitive™ GUI will be ready in Ardour 11 … in the future…

Guess you forgot the premium MIDI support, but that’s probably too basic

super-disappointed that you only give 10% to Microsoft!!

please give them at least -400% or migrate to Amiga.

Ardour 11 ??? direct from 9 to 11 ?
I don’t understand. The link gets me to “Reaper download” ? It’s not yet 12 in France :wink:
My english is really weak, and I could have bad understoud …
It’s just to satisfy my curiosity, version 9 is largely sufficient for me…
Could You help me, please ?

Thx for Your participation to this wonderful open source world !!!
Stef, (from Mont de Marsan, FRANCE)

April Fools Day here.Be warned don’t believe much of what you read today. Lol that had me ready to hit the download button… but I’ll wait till Paul adds the AI that studies you playing then just makes music for you…in your favorite gender…
Maybe next year. :rofl: :star_struck: :crazy_face:


I never know what the day is …

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Without the computer clock neither would I.

“Ardour StyleGuard” very much needed in my case :grinning:
Seriously, some points could really make it in version 11. 22 years until version 6, so Ardour 11 might land in 2040.

Poisson d’Avril! :slight_smile:

I’ve neural netted the tech support bot several times but am receiving no replies…

I’m locked out of the app with a message ‘Ardour Styleguard: too many infractions, Blues form not supported… quitting now’

I donated to the funding pledge to have Paul cryogenically preserved for future updates and purchased the Blues and Americana modules but it still isn’t opening… help!!


I just wired you $350.000 but it came back declined and the comment said “Not enough space left on destination account to deposit this amount”
Can you create some headroom on your account?

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It’s a stunning machine, I’m willing to pay to keep it going. But only if he invites me for a trip.


In France they say it is April Fish day?

This is great and all, but when is Ardour 12.0 going to be released?

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They say “poisson d’Avril” instead of April Fool’s. The origins of the expression are not entirely clear, but one theory is that because 1 April occurs during Lent, it refers to substituting fish for meat. I live with a woman from France (Brittany, actually, she would never refer to herself as French) and I love comparing expressions. For example, in English we say of a spoiled rich person that he was “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” In French the equivalent expression translates as “he farted into silk.”

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Ha! Love it!

“Including Van Morrison”