Ardour 0.99 vs. 2 connections editor

so, i tried on IRC last week with no help. so, here goes:

since i started using Ardour 2 on linux and OS X, i have only worked on sessions started in 0.99. everything has worked swimmingly. well, until last week. i wanted to start a new project and had some problems with connections editor.

in the 0.99 days, i had a certain workflow in regard to connections. for each application i used, i would create a custom input connection. the end result would be that for each mixer strip, i could quickly hit the ‘INPUT’ button and select from the dropdown ‘Hydrogen’, or ‘JackRack’, or whatever i named the connection i had created. i found this much easier than manually connecting inputs/outputs in qjackctl/patchage/etc for my needs. this also would save time if i wanted to re-use a specific connection for multiple tracks. i wouldn’t have to manually connect ins/outs each time.

now, back to the present. all of my 0.99 projects came over to Ardour 2 intact, including my connections. i may be missing something here, but i can’t see how to do this in Ardour 2’s connection editor.

hope i explained that thoroughly. if not, here’s a screenshot of my mixer strip for a 0.99 project running under Ardour 2.

i feel really dumb, considering myself a fairly competent user. please note: again, i know how to manually connect my ins and outs. i just want to know how to ‘save’ a defined connection setup with a custom name and make it available in the ‘INPUT’ dropdown.


the connections editor is dead. it may never be rescucitated. or it may. i don’t know yet. you’re going to have to live without the functionality it offered for the time being. sorry.

i figured as much. the (lack of) responses i got from the IRC channel had me thinking i was the only one who used/knew about it anyway.

i’d certainly love to see it again but it’s certainly no deal-breaker.

thanks all the same.