Ardoud 6.9 won't start after Audio/MIDI Setup on Win 10: "Failed to start process thread"

Ardour6 has worked on my computer before but suddenly it fails to start.

  • Tried to re-install to no avail.
  • Tried to run with the Safe Mode: Disable all Plugins -setting as well, but nothing happens.

Any ideas?

You’re using different devices for Input and Output, that could cause this issue.

Other than that, perhaps clear preferences: [re]move %localappdata%\Ardour6 folder.

Type %localappdata% into an expolorer window – that will redirect to your user’s AppData folder. There is a folder “Ardour6” there. Delete it (or move it to a backup place).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Changing the input device to anything else worked. After that I changed the input device back to the “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input”, which should have been a problem, but now that works too.

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