Ardor with Linux using a Presonus Firestation?

I have a Firestation that I was using on windows. I want to switch to Ardor, and I want to know if they are compatable. Is anyone using this setup? Thanks!

Thanks muusikko, but I am beginning to believe that because it (firestation) is mlan based, I am resigned to using windows. (unless I bought an apple) I would really hate to replace $600.00 worth of hardware to use linux.
I think the firepod uses presonus’s own software, not Yamaha’s mlan. If linux was mlan compatable, I might have something…
I would love to hear from someone who may have tried this.
Thanks muusikko!

My Firepod works fine with Ardour and Ubuntu linux.
tells Firestation is not supported. You can try however.

Thanks for the info… I may just stick with what I have now, and begin build plans for a linux based system. It may be cheaper than buying new software anyway.

The Presonus FireStudio is not mLAN based. It’s based upon the TCAT DICE chip, and can be supported by FFADO. I say “can” be supported, since FFADO incorporates generic support for the DICE platform. The only thing we require from PreSonus is a test device and some basic info on what they changed wrt the DICE evaluation module.

We have had contacts with PreSonus, and they agreed upon providing us the things we need to implement FireStudio support. However it has already 6 months since I sent my last email to them and I haven’t heard back from them yet. I guess that if enough users start contacting them regarding this, they might consider sending a response.


Pieter Palmers
FFADO developer

OK, I haven’t read the post good enough…

Apparently you’re talking about the FireStation, and in that case you’re right. It is mLAN based, and we don’t support it. And won’t support it anytime soon since we don’t have devices, nor specifications for mLAN. And since the FireStation isn’t built anymore, PreSonus won’t be very interested in helping us out there…

I’m sorry.



Everyone that reads this thread should go to the “contacts” page of the Presonus website and send an email to the execs asking for Linux support:

I have done so…let them know we want Linux support!